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Photo of Dr. Sarah Cairns

Dr. Sarah Cairns

Work 3625 Manchaca Rd. Suite 203 Austin Texas 78704 Work Phone: 512-774-9920 Website: Dr. Sarah Cairns


I am a trauma therapist with a focus on body, weight, and food related issues. Body, weight, and food related issues have been heavily researched to have a link with early childhood experiences. I work with individuals to process trauma in order to regain their autonomy with making food, body, and weight related choices. The body does not need to be a perpetual battleground. I practice from a Health at Every Size stance.

Therapeutic Approach

I try to create a safe and empathetic therapeutic space for clients. I work from a person-centered approach, believing that each client is unique and is able and capable of guiding their own process. I am trained in and most often utilize EMDR and always incorporate the strengths of the client as therapeutic resources and tools. I wholly believe in the power of humor to heal.

I believe that each person is a unique individual and the therapeutic process should reflect that. I view therapy as a collaborative process, much as a coach and an athlete; each plays an important and specific role in achieving success and reaching goals.