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Photo of Naomi Naomi Bourgeois

Naomi Naomi Bourgeois

CEO/Founder of Kikupal


Naomi Bourgeois is the CEO/Founder of She founded the company after losing her husband to cancer and seeing the gaps and inefficiencies in the way we give and receive help, especially during life events such as sickness, maternity, and death. She had two young children to care for, a career to keep, and a household to maintain, all while grieving. Being an entrepreneur at heart with a background in engineering, she found her true passion: helping ensure that we get the support we need when we need it especially during challenging times. Kikupal allows friends/families to support their loved ones by sending them practical services such as house cleaning, lawn care, meal delivery, rides, and concierge services, when they need them.

Naomi graduated with a degree in chemical engineering from UT-Austin (magna cum laude) and spent the majority of her career as a process engineering and project manager. She pivoted into real estate in order to have more flexibility of time to be there for her kids and became one of the top real estate producers of her brokerage.

Naomi is a lifelong learner who loves to travel the world.  She has a very multicultural background and she appreciates the beauty, energy, and stories of everyone she has had a change to meet.