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Photo of Laura Bautista

Laura Bautista

Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach, Owner of Root Your Radiance Root Your Radiance, LLC
Cell Phone: 6462817824 Website: Root Your Radiance, LLC


Laura’s transformative health journey has taken her from a place of constant fear and struggle with autoimmune disease (MS and Chronic Hives) to a place full of hope, restoration, and full reversal of ill-health.
Laura has rid herself completely of chronic symptoms and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. She has essentially become the practitioner she needed when stuck in the downward spiral of imbalance, victimhood, and disease.
Mission Statement: Her mission is to educate and shed light on a new way of approaching chronic illness and symptoms in the body. Through integration, self-awareness, and self-empowerment, she helps her clients overcome barriers to healing to actualize optimal health.