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Photo of Karen Pohlman

Karen Pohlman

Founder & Creator of the Live Another Way System- a 2.0 Operating System for Life! Another Way LLC
Cell Phone: 512-839-7510 Website:


Founder & creator of the Live Another Way System- a 2.0 Operating System for Life. As a strategic intervention coach, I assist women who’ve gone through major life challenges & transitions and come out the other side…but still feel like something’s missing.

Maybe you aren’t being the role model for your kids you want to be…

Maybe you’re still playing small…

Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough…

I guide women and help them become unshakable, un-mess-able-with and able to be resilient no matter what the external circumstances.

I’ve been through some terribly challenging times and down some dark roads and I’m on the the other side now; unshakeable, unstoppable, and un-mess-able-with.

Let’s talk about how you can STOP PUTTING ON BANDAIDS and LIVE ANOTHER WAY.  Not just surviving but thriving!

Recreate yourself and the amazing life you were born to live!