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Photo of Jen Shultz

Jen Shultz

Founder The Non-Nine-to-Five
Website: The Non-Nine-to-Five


Jen Shultz began her entrepreneurial journey after she quit a steady teaching job in NYC and started her first business 8 years ago.  After going through a major depression and process of self-discovery she founded The Non-Nine-to-Five™, teaching newly self-employed people who struggle with anxiety, depression, or paralyzing fear and strongly value personal growth and development exactly how to be successful business owners with heart and soul. Jen is also the creator of The 4 C’s Method of Building and Staying in your Business as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver™, a method she created to support herself in not giving up her dream of being a successful entrepreneur that she teaches all of her Non-Nine-to-Five clients today.

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