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Photo of Heather McConochie

Heather McConochie

Owner The Positive Thread
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The Positive Thread is a nutritional and life coaching company that empowers individuals to live their healthiest, happiest lives so they can make the impact they want to make in the world and fulfill their human potential. Founded by Heather McConochie, the Positive Thread has helped dozens of men and women transform their bodies, achieve sustainable, lasting weight loss and most importantly shift their mindset to one of empowerment, responsibility and positivity.

As a Registered Nurse, Heather McConochie saw chronic disease cause debility and death daily, and was frustrated that the work she did in a busy emergency department did little to solve the health crises of diabetes, obesity, hypertension and organ failure. She knew that the answer was in a lifestyle shift. After going through her own fitness transformation and losing 20lbs, building strength and being her fittest self at age 37, she set out to create a nutrition program that provided sustainable, long-lasting results. Frustrated with the various nutrition programs she tried, she created the last diet program anyone should ever need “The Positive Shred: 100 Days to Transformation”.

Her passion is helping others transform their limiting beliefs in order to implement an effective strategy that helps people achieve the body and life of their dreams. Heather also works privately with 1:1 life coaching clients who want deeper breakthroughs in mindset, productivity, relational health and financial abundance.