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Photo of Edith Edith Arreola

Edith Edith Arreola

Owner/ Social Media Strstegist Lemnicaste Social Media SolutionsMRketing Communications
Home Phone: 9156376428 Website:


I’ve been working in the social media space since 2012. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with startups, a global corporation called Ottobock, and LatinWorks, a marketing agency where I had the opportunity to work for brands such as Lowe’s, Montejo, and M&M’s. I’ve had the opportunity to work on business to consumer (B2C) and business to business campaigns (B2B) for both the Hispanic and the general market. 

I love social media because it allows us to connect with people in so many different ways, across the world.

It is my goal to use my knowledge and experience to make your social media thrive, and to help you reach the results you want. Book an introductory meeting today and learn more about how I can make your business grow and shine on social media.