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Photo of Christin Menendez Menendez

Christin Menendez Menendez

Personal Development Coach & Spiritual Guide Virtuous HealityFounder, Owner
Home Phone: 850-322-8490 Website: Virtuous Heality – Personal Development Coaching and Spiritual Guidance with Christin Menendez


My name is Christin Menendez, and I offer conscious personal development coaching and spiritual guidance with special emphasis on self-healing through mindfulness and spirituality.

So what do I mean by “conscious” and “mindfulness”? To give a simplified answer, consciousness ultimately refers to being self-aware, in touch with your heart and soul, and having deep knowledge and understanding of yourself as to why you do what you do, or why you feel how you feel. Mindfulness refers to the act of bringing this awareness into the present moment and the state of achieving peaceful acceptance within oneself. In principle, mindfulness focuses on living in the “now” rather than reliving the past.

Both my philosophy and coaching style are centered around these principles. As someone who has extensively navigated the self-healing process in my own life, I’m passionate about helping others do the same. I’m a natural empath with strong intuition and a solid understanding of how the mind works and maneuvers through emotional landscapes. I offer a compassionate approach and deep, unique insight into the heart of matters. I help my clients get down to the true root of what’s holding them back and address problems at their very source, ultimately leading to greater love, happiness and success.

Wounds cannot fully heal without being opened and cleaned out. Likewise, our emotional wounds must be confronted and processed in order to interrupt old, negative patterns that aren’t serving us well. While the process can feel challenging and sometimes overwhelming, the empowerment that flows in the wake of healing is truly transformational and will completely change your life! Take back the reigns and stop letting fear, insecurity, anger or sadness dictate your life’s direction. If you’re ready to get down to business and finally take control over your future, contact me to set up a consultation!