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Photo of Christalle Bodiford

Christalle Bodiford

Founder Life Elektrik
Home 1915 Piedmont Avenue Austin Texas 78757 US Cell Phone: 213.359.7384 Website: Life Elektrik Website: Christalle Bodiford


Transformations—broad, fundamental, positive, forward-moving changes—power Christalle Bodiford’s work as an epilepsy advocate, activist, and artist.

Frustrated by the negativity dominating many of the “support” groups for epilepsy, Christalle founded Life Elektrik to fulfill a pivotal need among those it impacts: a positive nexus of story-sharing, education, community, and genuine support.

Christalle’s epilepsy story is a tale of surprise, fear, misdiagnosis, and misdirection but one that has taken a positive turn. After a successful career in the fashion industry, she has come to see that her true mission is to work her artistic magic on human hearts—specifically, the hearts of fellow warriors struggling to live out their dreams under the often dark and stormy sky of neurological disability.