You’re a woman


You believe a business is more than just a way to make money.

It’s a path of personal growth, a way to make your life more meaningful, and an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world.

You believe we women can accomplish more together than we can alone…

You have a big vision for yourself…

And you’re on a mission to turn your dreams into your reality.

Our Mission is to help YOU achieve yours.

Our Story




In 2016, the founders — female entrepreneurs themselves — noticed that most of the training and advice for business building they came across was geared towards men, and failed to take into account the unique challenges and strengths of women entrepreneurs.

They decided to change that.

That summer, they brought together a group of twelve female business owners who were frustrated with the lack of support they had, and The Society of Women Entrepreneurs was born. They met in each other’s living rooms twice a month, and within two years, they’d grown to over 3000 members.

Today, The Society of WE has thousands of members in multiple cities and is currently expanding to Sister Chapters nationally and internationally. This ecosystem of women helping, supporting, and mentoring other women is attracting new members every day, and The Society of WE is on track to become the most impactful tribe of women entrepreneurs around the world.




“Sit down. .”

Those were the words 16-year-old Ellen Smoak heard as she walked into her so-called best best friend’s living room.

Half a a dozen of her classmates were sitting in a circle, waiting to tear her down…

It was an experience that left her completely gutted — shattering her self-confidence, her self-esteem, and her trust in other women.

But it was by no means the last time she was bullied, backstabbed or betrayed by the women in her life — And, over time, Ellen found herself distrustful of women and uncomfortable, self-conscious, and unsure of herself around them.

All this changed at age 23 when she met three women in California she would never forget: Leah, Mia, and Jess were the first women she felt really saw her, supported her, and showed her how powerful positive female relationships could be.

This group of women had such an impact on Ellen, she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to empowering women, lifting them up, and showing them how to step into their power alongside one another. The Society of WE is an extension of that mission.

Ellen’s Tedx Talk, Confessions of a Former Mean Girl, has received overwhelming support and recognition from thousands of women around the world, and she continues to advocate for women stepping into their power and possibility within the Society of WE and on other stages around the world.

Ellen Smoak



Ellen is a 2x bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the founder and CEO of The Society of Women Entrepreneurs. She’s been called a “true change agent” by Marci Shimoff, star of the hit movie The Secret.

Ellen was the keynote speaker at the 2018 TEDx BartonSpringsWomen in Austin, Texas, where her passionate speech, “Confessions of a Former Mean Girl,” sparked a call to action for women around the world to learn a better, more empowering way of relating to one another. In her speech, Ellen affirms, “If we’re going to keep rising as women, then we absolutely must start treating each other better.”

On a personal note, Ellen has a passion for jumping horses. In fact, she was the first person in history to receive a varsity letter from jumping horses in college. As a keynote speaker, Ellen uses her passion & wisdom learned on the back of a horse to teach women how to gracefully come together to lift, support and empower each other’s​ success.

Ellen’s passion for women supporting women is informed by her experience, during adolescence, of terrible bullying at the hands of other girls. Experience matched with later insights about this and related problems led Ellen to create The Society of WE. Her inspiring message is perfect for any audience that seeks inspiration and motivation for change.