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Photo of Avril Amaya Avril Amaya The Food Doctor

Avril Amaya is a multi-passionate ‘food doctor’, plant-based chef and educator, health and nutrition coach, lover of Nature and animals, and poet/singer/dancer.
She has been practicing and sharing food-as-medicine for over five years, working with individuals, teaching workshops to groups, and chefing/teaching at international retreats. She began her personal chef and health-consulting service in 2013 to assist people with healing, in addition to co-running a popular vegan pop-up restaurant there for a year.…

Photo of Michelle Amriel Michelle Amriel Co-Parenting Coach

Michelle Amriel has over a decade of personal development and 8 years of parenting and co-parenting skills. She works with families that are struggling in separation, divorce and co-parenting to gain peace and tools to communicate effectively so everyone can thrive.  Michelle has had the honor to inspire others and coach them to see and feel their greatness that allows them to live their live with purpose to ultimately show their best self.

Photo of Edith Edith Arreola Edith Edith Arreola Owner/ Social Media Strstegist

I’ve been working in the social media space since 2012. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with startups, a global corporation called Ottobock, and LatinWorks, a marketing agency where I had the opportunity to work for brands such as Lowe’s, Montejo, and M&M’s. I’ve had the opportunity to work on business to consumer (B2C) and business to business campaigns (B2B) for both the Hispanic and the general market. 

Photo of Laura Bautista Laura Bautista Holistic Health Practitioner & Coach, Owner of Root Your Radiance

Laura’s transformative health journey has taken her from a place of constant fear and struggle with autoimmune disease (MS and Chronic Hives) to a place full of hope, restoration, and full reversal of ill-health.

Laura has rid herself completely of chronic symptoms and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. She has essentially become the practitioner she needed when stuck in the downward spiral of imbalance, victimhood, and disease.…

Photo of Crista Beck Crista Beck Dating Expert and Coach

Crista Beck, The Love Radar, is a dating expert who teaches single people who are seeking a healthy and long-term relationship how to attract quality dating partners, increase their confidence, and take the actions necessary to have the love they deeply desire. She is regarded by her clients as a “romantic healer” due to her holistic and conscious approach to finding a meaningful relationship in the era of hookup culture and online dating.…

Photo of Kami Blease Kami Blease Founder- Personal Trainer, Body Image & Wellness Coach

I’m a body image coach, recovering diet and fitness addict and your personal confidence cheerleader!

I teach women like you how to fall in love with your body -even when it seems impossible- by teaching online workshops with the exact steps you need to create body freedom, and giving you the right tools and techniques to quiet down that negative voice in your head.…

Photo of Christalle Bodiford Christalle Bodiford Founder

Transformations—broad, fundamental, positive, forward-moving changes—power Christalle Bodiford’s work as an epilepsy advocate, activist, and artist.

Frustrated by the negativity dominating many of the “support” groups for epilepsy, Christalle founded Life Elektrik to fulfill a pivotal need among those it impacts: a positive nexus of story-sharing, education, community, and genuine support.

Christalle’s epilepsy story is a tale of surprise, fear, misdiagnosis, and misdirection but one that has taken a positive turn.…

Photo of Naomi Naomi Bourgeois Naomi Naomi Bourgeois CEO/Founder of Kikupal

Naomi Bourgeois is the CEO/Founder of She founded the company after losing her husband to cancer and seeing the gaps and inefficiencies in the way we give and receive help, especially during life events such as sickness, maternity, and death. She had two young children to care for, a career to keep, and a household to maintain, all while grieving.…

Photo of Rachel Brownlow Lund Rachel Brownlow Lund Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Coach

Rachel Brownlow Lund empowers ambitious millennial women to become well-connected influencers and create incredible lives of impact. A passionate communicator and leadership coach, Rachel helps young women overcome feelings of “compare and despair” and “I’m not there yet” to become career-savvy changemakers who work, play and lead in their zone of genius. Through her coaching and mentorship, she has helped dozens of millennials establish lucrative career advancement opportunities, win thousands of dollars in earned grant money, grow lucrative side-hustles and secure key recommendations that moved the needle forward.…

Photo of Linsi Brownson Linsi Brownson Business Coach & Creative Director

Hi ladies! My name is Linsi Brownson and I am business coach and founder of Spark Collaborative, your “creative department on demand.” I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs get laser focused on doing the work that will give you the most meaning and momentum in your business, while letting go of the distractions that keep you playing small.

Photo of Ashara Byrd Ashara Byrd Residential Mortgage Loan Officer

Ashara Byrd

Residential Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS #1628980

I am fortunate to be in an industry where I get to do what I love – HELP PEOPLE! With 15 years of client relations, management and luxury sales experience, I would consider myself a subject matter expert in people! It’s my mission to exceed expectations and deliver on time with a smile!…

Photo of Dr. Sarah Cairns Dr. Sarah Cairns Psychologist

I am a trauma therapist with a focus on body, weight, and food related issues. Body, weight, and food related issues have been heavily researched to have a link with early childhood experiences. I work with individuals to process trauma in order to regain their autonomy with making food, body, and weight related choices. The body does not need to be a perpetual battleground.…

Photo of Erica Caliandro Erica Caliandro Bodyworker, Embodiment Coach

Erica is a specialized bodywork and coaching practitioner. Her private practice, Restore Bodywork, is located in Austin, Texas at Be Well Austin. Erica takes a holistic and therapeutic approach to healing and is dedicated to assisting others at every stage of the process. She believes passionately in the body’s innate healing ability and facilitates the body’s intelligent, self-healing mechanism.…

Photo of Maria Carbonell Maria Carbonell
Photo of Nikki D Castagneto Nikki D Castagneto Owner

Simple and fun recipes for both kids and parents to create healthy meals and snacks. These are created with love and care to empower kids to eat good food. Let’s make mischief in the kitchen!

The fun continues as a series of adventure-based cookbooks that teach skills in the kitchen while having fun with food. Kids will explore the mysterious lands food comes from and learn fun facts about the power of food!…

Photo of Barbara Castro Barbara Castro Owner/Cookie Artist
Photo of Cecilia Garrec Art Cecilia Garrec Art

As an emerging artist with a specialization in all things brain, cognition and psychology, the art world for Cecilia emanates with color, promise and a blending of the ephemeral with the eternal.

Cecilia Garrec Art works with both local, regional and international interior designers, architects, builders, entrepreneurs and investors to help them acquire the art suits their needs from the home to the boardroom.

Photo of Dara Dara Chambers Dara Dara Chambers Creativity Coach

I teach adults how to reconnect with their creativity, intuition, and courage though mixed-media collage and painting workshops, corporate team building events, and private coaching. I have a BA in fine art and an MA in TESOL. With over eighteen years’ experience teaching adults English as a Second/Foreign Language, I know what it takes to help people begin to express themselves in new ways in order to open to new possibilities.

Photo of Mary Ellen Clarkson Mary Ellen Clarkson Business Owner, Entrepreneur

Mary Ellen Clarkson’s goal is to help women and men feel, and perform, at their optimal level so that all areas of their lives are enhanced. The product that Mary Ellen offers is the first FDA registered transdermal human growth hormone gel available with out a prescription, and it has been improving lives for over 7 years.

Photo of Crafts & Drafts Crafts & Drafts

My name’s Ananda and I own Crafts & Drafts, a craft studio in central Austin. We host public craft classes and DIY  workshops. We have over 30 projects to learn from macrame to pipe lamp building. We have a private party party room and do events for bachelorette parties, corporate events and more. We also rent the space out during the day for all kinds of things! 

Photo of Sherry Cusick Sherry Cusick Realtor

After studying Piblic Relations at Texas State University I decided to combine my love for  both people and homes and become a real estate agent.  One of my favorite things about Austin is the diversity of properties; from urban cities to rural ranches. I am your one stop shop for all things residential real estate. I also have some minor experience with commercial real estate.…

Photo of Lindsey Daniels Lindsey Daniels The Daniels Team – Keller Williams Realty


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Lindsey possesses an extensive knowledge of their market and the Austin area. She partners with her husband, Paul (also born and raised in Austin!). As full-time professional REALTORS®, they are passionate about transforming lives—and properties—by helping design healthier environments at a personal level. Their intention is to bridge real estate with environmentally-friendly and health-conscious ventures that empower others locally and globally.…

Photo of Colette Davenport Colette Davenport Intimacy Expert + Writer + Speaker

Colette Davenport has more than 20 years experience as an intimacy expert, healer, and teacher. She helps people get crystal clear, kick-ass confident, and connected at a soul-level so they can stop struggling, start communicating effectively, and have the kind of love and life they know is possible.

Colette specializes in working with Empaths and other gifted people who are struggling with intimacy, illness, or self-esteem.…

Photo of Noelle Davis Noelle Davis Founder, Brave New Love Coaching, Certified Love and Relationship Coach

Noelle Davis is a certified Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coach. She is a grounded, non-judgemental guide for those who are ready to create a breakthrough to positive life changes. Her caring and compassionate approach to meeting you where ever you may be along life’s paths and gently and curiously exposing edges and exploring more helpful perspectives is life changing for her clients.…

Photo of Adia Dawn Adia Dawn Life Empowerment & Communication Coach
Photo of Jolie Dawn Jolie Dawn Founder

Jolie Dawn is an intuitive coach, writer for Entrepreneur Magazine,  and the bestselling author of 5 Amazon books including “Empowered, Sexy and Free Series”  and “The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship”. She runs a company called Prosperity Queendom, an online training platform for spiritual entrepreneurs. Her passion is helping others to tap into their intuition, inner divine, and to their soul’s calling so they can live freely and prosperously.…

Photo of Sharon DeCaro Sharon DeCaro Logo and Marketing Design, WordPress Web Developer, Branding/Identity Design for Restaurants, Consumer-Package Goods, Lifestyle Businesses and Startups

I’m a dedicated designer and obsessive typophile.

My business is DeCaro Media Lab. We are a creative collaborative of talented designers, web developers, and digital marketing specialists. We build your brand and give your business the “Wow” factor. We create successful visual solutions and brand design experiences for restaurants, cafes, interior designers, lifestyle branding: coaching, beauty/spa, naturopaths and holistic health practices.…

Photo of Jill Eddleman Jill Eddleman CEO, Co-Owner

In the spring of 2017, the unimaginable happened. Our daughter, Brynn Ashtyn Aylor, died in a tragic car accident. She was only 16 years old.  Words cannot ever express the depth of our pain and loss. Brynn was the light and laughter of our family and each day we are without her, we are forever reminded that our lives and the lives of all that knew her will never shine as brightly.…

Photo of Renee Fouquet Renee Fouquet Founder/CEO
Photo of Corina Frankie Corina Frankie CEO

Corina Frankie is in the business of creating human connections. As the CEO and creator of Brand Besties, she has built a national platform for creating strategic brand engagement programs for some of the world’s most iconic category leaders and new stars on the rise. A natural born relationship builder, Corina has pulled together an amazing network of talent, partners and brands in order to develop unique and ownable solutions for her clients.…

Ginger Hart Consulting
512 900-7940

I inspire, guide, and support powerful, badass women and couples to create more authentic, deeply connected, and passionate partnerships!

I am passionate about helping people discover their erotic map to meet their own sexual needs as well as feel more confident in the bedroom. I also want you to understand your partner or lover’s sexual needs and create a super hot sex life!…

Christy Goldfeder Chief Marketing Officer
Photo of Laura Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Career Coach
(512) 551-2733
Photo of Kelly Granger Kelly Granger Owner

Hi, I’m Kelly Granger and I started Kelly’s Diamonds by Design with three simple principles in mind.  Supply customers with beautiful jewelry at the very best prices and do so with unmatched customer service.

I love to get to know my clients on a personal level so your satisfaction is my top priority. Whether it’s custom designs, finding the perfect loose diamond, appraisal or jewelry repair, I will work tirelessly to make your experience unlike any other.…

Photo of Jessica M Halich Jessica M Halich CEO

After 8 years of event production; Jessica Halich started Fancy Fluff & The Churro Burro – 2 unique mobile food business that provides delicious dessert experiences for private events, weddings and galas!


Photo of Stacey Harmon Stacey Harmon Productivity Coach
Photo of Stephanie Stephanie Marie Hirsch Stephanie Stephanie Marie Hirsch Owner

Make your Business profitable with Simple, Cost-Efficient Marketing.

Serial entrepreneur and founder of three companies, Stephanie Hirsch, teaches you how to dominate your area or industry with tools in:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Book Authorship
  • Publicity
  • Sales
  • Website Workshops
  • Content Production
  • Internet Marketing

I’ve run businesses in nutrition, finance, education, publishing, and I’m now a sought-after coach in Austin and Apsen Colorado.…

Photo of Mashari S Hogan Mashari S Hogan Owner

Hi all! So happy to be a part of Society of WE. A little background. I am currently a small business owner of a permanent make-up studio specializing in microblading for your eyebrows. I moved the studio here from Austin 8 months ago and it has been one hell of a ride! I encourage you to take a look at my website as well as my Instagram page and feel free to connect 🙂


Microblading, also known as 3D Brows is done using specialized techniques to deposit pigment into the upper layers of the skin to create a natural looking brow.…

Photo of Sara Hussey Sara Hussey Owner of Sara Hussey Public Relations

A marketing graduate from the University of North Texas, Sara’s first taste of public relations was at an unpaid internship at a full-service marketing firm in Fort Worth, Texas. One of her first assignments on the job was to write a press release about a new client: a Texas corn seed company. Not knowing a thing about press releases or corn seed, Sara dove in headfirst.…

Photo of Merri Isom LPC-I Merri Isom LPC-I Licensed Professional Counselor- Intern

I am passionate about helping people heal through person-centered therapy using EMDR, CRM, EFT, and psychotherapy.  The times right now have been difficult emotionally for many women and I want to support women! I am finishing my hours as an LPC-I, for my licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor and I’d like to offer my counseling and therapeutic services FREE to women, to lend support in these difficult times right now. …

Photo of Cynthia Cynthia A Kahn Cynthia Cynthia A Kahn

Cynthia Kahn has over 20 years’ experience managing projects. She has her MBA, plus she’s a certified project manager (PMP) and scrum master (CSM). Cynthia is co-author of the GSD Scrum Handbook and co-founder of the agile consulting company GSD Mindset, where she teaches Scrum in 1 Day and coaches teams to become more agile, to focus on the right things so they can get more stuff done.…

Photo of

Kikupal is an online platform where people create and fund accounts to help families, friends, coworkers, and members of their community, especially during life events such as maternity, sickness, and death. The recipients of the accounts can order practical services such as: house cleaning, lawn care, meal delivery, rides, and a general concierge. Our platform allows the recipients to choose which service they need and when.…

Photo of April Kling Kling Meyer April Kling Kling Meyer Founder

My purpose is to create a more colorful and compassionate world. I work with both companies and individuals to improve communication and align more authentically with your mission. If there are roadblocks on your path to achieve your creative and monetary goals, I can help uncover solutions. (Profile photo credit Shanti Matulewski with Vanityfire Photography,

Kathryn Koshinski
Photo of LaBelle Salon & Spa LaBelle Salon & Spa

I am an xPro Athlete Factory Kawasaki Race Team Rider & retired Hollywood Stuntwoman, Published Author, 2009 SAG Award recipient for Best Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series “24”, 2009 Executive Producer of Stuck In Traffic Documentary Short which resulted in the 2009 David Chow Humanitarian Award recipient. In 2009 I created a signature Cosmetic Line for the Active Woman interested in the Anti-Aging Foundation formula for the maturing skin.   …

Photo of Jules Lehnis Jules Lehnis Owner, Founder

Jules has always had a passion for solving problems and for exceptional customer service.  These two passions came together with her first business Plain Jane Custom Design in Chicago, IL where she offered made-to-measure  denim for women.  Her first business ultimately failed which is why she started focusing on a way to have it all.  Productivity was the answer. …

Photo of Living & Collective Living & Collective

Inspiring & equipping women into living their full lives while working together as the collective.

Our goal is to enable women to succeed in their health & fitness journey.  We believe true health is rooted in freedom. We believe nourishing your body can change the way you feel, think & live your life, & we believe we are better when we work together.…

Photo of LPI Events LPI Events

LPI Events provides event planning services for Social Events, Weddings, and Celebrations. Our mission is to provide extraordinary customer service to our clients and help bring your vision to life. Our vision began in 2016 in Austin, Tx and as we continue to grow, we continue to provide a personal, and unique experience for our clients.…

Photo of Ashley Maltz Ashley Maltz MD, MPH

Dr. Maltz was born and raised in Houston and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She earned her MD and Master in Public Health from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston. She completed her residency in Internal and Preventive Medicine at UTMB in 2011 and then a 2-year Integrative Medicine Fellowship at Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT.  …

Photo of Dorothy Dorothy Mankey Mankey SHRM-CP Dorothy Dorothy Mankey Mankey SHRM-CP HR GURU + Strategist + Leadership Coach

Dorothy is part of the Conscious Capitalism movement; she believes that every one of us has an amazing capacity to achieve something great. Work should be a place where we can all achieve something great, connect with people and purpose. When we foster a working environment where people flourish- we all win.

Dorothy works with entrepreneurs, leaders, and HR teams to develop progressive, world-class people strategies; helping your company improve overall effectiveness, realize organizational purpose, hire and retain the right people, develop leaders, and create a best in class employee experience. …

Photo of 2146003710 Tiffani Marroquin 2146003710 Tiffani Marroquin Real Estate Consultant & Investor

Tiffani began her career in real estate in 2007 by helping new investors confidently purchase their very first real estate investments. With a natural ability to analyze deals and assess markets, she has always ensured that each investor’s purchase would suit their exit strategy to yield them the highest returns. Since then, she’s listed many bank-owned homes for large banks, assisted in hundreds of acquisitions & dispositions at a large hedge fund, and has helped multiple high net-worth investors purchase thousands of assets throughout the nation.…

Photo of Heather McConochie Heather McConochie Owner

The Positive Thread is a nutritional and life coaching company that empowers individuals to live their healthiest, happiest lives so they can make the impact they want to make in the world and fulfill their human potential. Founded by Heather McConochie, the Positive Thread has helped dozens of men and women transform their bodies, achieve sustainable, lasting weight loss and most importantly shift their mindset to one of empowerment, responsibility and positivity.…

Photo of Kristen McKelvie Kristen McKelvie Photographer
Photo of Christin Menendez Menendez Christin Menendez Menendez Personal Development Coach & Spiritual Guide

My name is Christin Menendez, and I offer conscious personal development coaching and spiritual guidance with special emphasis on self-healing through mindfulness and spirituality.

So what do I mean by “conscious” and “mindfulness”? To give a simplified answer, consciousness ultimately refers to being self-aware, in touch with your heart and soul, and having deep knowledge and understanding of yourself as to why you do what you do, or why you feel how you feel. …

Photo of ELizabeth Mercer ELizabeth Mercer
Photo of Kristina Modares Kristina Modares Realtor To The First Time Buyer & Seller

My name is Kristina Modares and I’m a real estate agent in the Austin area. I moved to Austin in 2012 on a whim and instantly fell in love. The energy, the food, the open-minded and kind people–this is my city! Before moving, I studied management with a concentration in events. I’ve had the opportunity to work as an event manager and coordinator in the Austin area and understand the importance of genuine customer service because of these experiences.

Modern Health Pros


Modern Health Pros is a business & community dedicated to helping organizations & professionals have true health and vitality in their
businesses & their lives.
We help businesses promote company growth through employee well-being.
We use leading-edge strategies to affect positive & sustainable change in five main areas of well-being: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Lifestyle and Community.…

Photo of Party At Your Door Party At Your Door

From birthday party to corporate event, baby shower to retirement party, personalized party decorations is what we do.
You pick any theme and a box arrives at your door filled with all your personalized party goods! Each party in a box is made to order and is assured to make your party a memorable and stress free experience!

Photo of Party At Your Door Party At Your Door

From birthday party to baby shower, weddings to corporate event, personalized party decorations is what we do!
You pick any theme and a box arrives at your door filled with all your personalized party goods! Each party in a box is made to order and is assured to make your party a memorable and stress free experience!

Photo of Morgan Perry Morgan Perry Founder

Yoga Unwined classes bring together vinyasa-based yoga and fun wine facts through creative yoga poses. Each hour long educational class ends with a comparative wine tasting, inviting you to mindfully taste what’s in your glass while applying what you learned through the poses.

Come unwined for happy hour, before lunch, weekend brunch or just because.…

Photo of Rachel Peterson Rachel Peterson Health Coach

I am a certified holistic Health Coach with an emphasis on thyroid and mental health for women. I also have a content marketing background and several years of client-facing experience. I love to cook and do barre and Pilates mat classes.

Photo of Robyn Pettinger Robyn Pettinger Personal trainer and Lifestyle Coach

I am much more than a trainer.  I am a lifestyle coach.  My services include nutrition and behavioral coaching as well as physical training and transformation.  My goal is to help people gain the knowledge to achieve long-lasting results and be happy and more confident in their bodies.  I am with you every step of the way and I truly CARE!…

Photo of Karen Pohlman Karen Pohlman Founder & Creator of the Live Another Way System- a 2.0 Operating System for Life!

Founder & creator of the Live Another Way System- a 2.0 Operating System for Life. As a strategic intervention coach, I assist women who’ve gone through major life challenges & transitions and come out the other side…but still feel like something’s missing.

Maybe you aren’t being the role model for your kids you want to be…

Maybe you’re still playing small…

Maybe you feel like you’re not good enough…

I guide women and help them become unshakable, un-mess-able-with and able to be resilient no matter what the external circumstances.…

Photo of Savannah Power Savannah Power Primrose Path Productions

At Primrose Path Productions, we help business owners and entrepreneurs create authentic, relatable and engaging video content so that they can amplify their voice, share their personal story and the WHY behind their business in a way that consumers and clients can connect with.

Photo of Heather Rider Heather Rider Owner
Photo of Heather Heather Rider Heather Heather Rider Energy Healer

Heather Rider is a former overworked, overstressed perfectionist. She is a trained energy healer and Reiki Master. Through her energy healing business, The Energy Synergist, she helps women heal and create amazing new lives for themselves by using energy healing as a catalyst for change.

Photo of Alicia Leigh Rios Alicia Leigh Rios Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

Alicia is an Austin-based portrait & lifestyle photographer with a passion for empowering women through the journey of photography.
She believes that photography can be used to:

1. Help build up, empower, and support women

2. Help you honor, celebrate, and remember the journey of this life you live with the ones you love

It fires her up to offer clients beautiful photos they can be proud to share and display, all while providing an incredible experience from start to finish.

Photo of River Roaring River Roaring Healthy Love, Sex & Intimacy Coach

River promotes the evolution of humanity through healthy love, sex and intimacy.

River is a healthy love, sex & intimacy coach at

River is also a professionally certified surrogate partner, a certified tantra practitioner, a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a graduate of Yoga Illumined yoga teacher training, a graduate of Forte Femme feminine dominance training and Passionate Bonds trainings by Midori.  …

Karla Rodriguez Co-Owner
Lindsay Ronga Food & Wellness Coach

I’m a wellness coach and help women find food freedom and love the body they’re in!

Photo of Caitlyn Cait Ross Caitlyn Cait Ross CEO & Founder

My name is Cait, and I am an Woman’s Health Coach & Corporate Wellness Consultant who empowers people to take control of their lives by taking control of their health. I help Modern Women & Corporate Professionals heal themselves naturally through mindset, nutrition, & lifestyle-based solutions.


Health & Vitality + Passion = Purpose

I believe we were all put on this Earth for a reason.…

Photo of Rachel Rucker Rachel Rucker Owner & Operator

R&R Events Owner, Rachel is energetic and passionate about events.  Being a very detail oriented and engaging person, the event industry is a perfect fit for Rachel. She has a passion for decorating and a special place in her heart for events.

Over the last decade, Rachel has learned a lot about event management, managing clients expectations and surpassing them, and working through all the details.…

Photo of Monique Santua Monique Santua Personal Chef
(713) 384-4658

Monique Santua is the Chef and Owner of Gastromonique, a personal chef business in Austin, TX. Gastromonique offers meals for dinner parties and weekly meal planning centered around local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. As a personal chef, sharing food is how Monique shows love and nothing makes her happier than bringing people together around the dinner table.…

Photo of Michele Schwartz Michele Schwartz Disney Magic Creator

Michele Schwartz began her career in hotels and weddings at Walt Disney World. She is a published author and highly sought-after speaker, with a degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin. Michele is the creator and editor-in-chief of The Modern Jewish Wedding where she shares her expertise in Jewish wedding design, fashion and culinary trends. …

She Is Me City
Photo of Jen Shultz Jen Shultz Founder

Jen Shultz began her entrepreneurial journey after she quit a steady teaching job in NYC and started her first business 8 years ago.  After going through a major depression and process of self-discovery she founded The Non-Nine-to-Five™, teaching newly self-employed people who struggle with anxiety, depression, or paralyzing fear and strongly value personal growth and development exactly how to be successful business owners with heart and soul. …

Photo of Jen Shulyz Jen Shulyz Founder

Jen Shultz began her entrepreneurial journey after she quit a steady teaching job in NYC and started her first business 8 years ago.  After going through a major depression and process of self-discovery she founded The Non-Nine-to-Five™, teaching newly self-employed people who strongly value personal growth and development exactly how to be successful business owners with heart and soul. …

Photo of Michelle Simmons Michelle Simmons Owner
(512) 766-8611

Michelle Simmons is the owner & co-founder of Slow North, a small-batch, all-natural candle and home goods company. Michelle and her husband, Jonathan, created their first candles as the solution to an unsuccessful search for clean and healthy products. Prior to starting Slow North, Michelle studied entrepreneurship and worked in sales. While Michelle was pregnant with their first son, the need for safe alternatives settled at the forefront of her mind; and from that focus a company was born.…

Photo of Dr. Denise Denise Simpson Dr. Denise Denise Simpson CEO

Denise is a nationally recognized expert in the field of leadership with a PhD in Leadership Studies and is a professional certified coach.

While still in her mid-twenties, and shortly after earning dual Masters Degrees in Management and Human Resource Development, Denise was appointed as department chair of Adult Education to one of the largest community colleges in southern Texas.…

Photo of Ellen Smoak Ellen Smoak CEO & Co-Founder, The Society of Women Entrepreneurs

Ellen Smoak has shared the stage with Marci Shimoff who was featured in the hit movie the Secret. Ellen has been featured on ABC, NBC, Yahoo, and FOX, and her work has reached over 10 million women around the world. In fact, Marci Shimoff calls Ellen a “true change agent.”

Ellen’s #1 bestselling book, Breakups Are A Bitch, But Getting Over It Doesn’t Have To Be!…

Photo of Sarah Jane Teveldal Sarah Jane Teveldal Owner/Photographer
Photo of THe Montessori Tree, LLC THe Montessori Tree, LLC

In honor of the sacredness of the motherhood journey and the child’s first years of life, we offer a wide variety of services for both parent and child guided by the Montessori philosophy and our core values of connection, compassion, and respect.

“The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled in intensity and importance by any period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child.”  ~Maria Montessori

Photo of Megan Tull Megan Tull Passion Expert, Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Author

Megan Tull is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist, Transformational Leader in Business and Life, an Author and an International Speaker. Megan is CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC, an innovative business coaching and consulting firm.


Megan’s passion and expertise is to help high-achieving, success-conscious business professionals and entrepreneurs to eliminate the struggle and overwhelm by re-designing their career or business to align with their unique value and true-self.…

Photo of Leanne Valenti Leanne Valenti Chef Owner, Bento Picnic

Leanne Valenti founded Bento Picnic in 2015 to bring delicious, healthy bento meals to Austin. Trained chef and entrepreneurial spirit, Leanne fell in love with bento cuisine while living in rural Japan in 2011.

One of her favorite things about living in Japan was how easy it was to find healthy, balanced meals. The bento kiosks in every city center and train station make delicious & wholesome meals super convenient.…

Photo of Cindy Villanueva Cindy Villanueva Founder and Principal

About Cindy:

I’m an experienced global marketing and communications professional with a passion for connecting people and ideas. I believe in the power of storytelling, and relish the process of creating unique ways to express a brand. I am an inspirational leader who values positive and productive relationships. I have a strong record of building high-performing global teams and am an enthusiastic developer of talent.…

Photo of Christine Vu Christine Vu Financial Advisor

Christine was born and raised in Orange County, CA and graduated from California State University, Fullerton with her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with an emphasis on Information Systems.  She served as Vice President of Operations at her family’s furniture business, which later grew to become a part of Ashley Furniture HomeStore. In 2008, she and her husband moved to Austin (and married in 2011) to start their own business, the Yogurt Spot.…

Photo of Alli Waddell Alli Waddell Chief Badass

Alli Waddell’s expertise in the wellness industry comes from 16 years exploring what empowers people to create and maintain healthy and happy lifestyles. Through her own process of self healing, self testing and self love, she has discovered that there’s not a singular path to living a healthy life. Each path is unique to each person and personal transformation is a lifelong, vulnerable pursuit.…

Photo of Ashley Ashley Wainscott Ashley Ashley Wainscott CEO & Founder

Ashley Wainscott, founder and CEO of Simply Sold, has transformed the home renovation process and made waves as a female business owner in a male-dominated industry. Ashley recognized the need for a simpler and more reliable home improvement process and launched Simply Sold, a remodeling agency that eliminates surprises by pushing for accountability and demanding quality.…

Photo of Lei Wang Lei Wang Owner

This is a full service printing and marketing design company. We offer printing, advertising and direct mail. We design and print anything with your logo on it that helps your business to grown.

Photo of Andrea Frances Wayne Andrea Frances Wayne

Wedding planner and coordinator in the Austin and Dripping Springs area since 2015.

Photo of Secia Zappitielli Secia Zappitielli Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer

Secia Zappitielli provides intelligent and creative visual solutions and services. Secia works with individuals and businesses to identify opportunities where they can make a strong visual impact, promoting confidence and increased sales.

Photo of Janet Zaretsky Janet Zaretsky BS-to-Brilliance Master: Speaker, Author, Master Business Coach

Janet Zaretsky is a master professional coach, author, and speaker that helps people unleash their brilliance, confidence and visibility in the world. Janet has worked with over 32,000 people in the past 22+ years

Janet is a powerful advocate for ending the gender gap, both in pay and influence. Her work with women has led her to be a frequent contributor to Forbes and the author of “Where’d My Confidence Go… and how do I get it back?”.…